The best casinos 2020 will multiply your initial deposit by two or three times, and this will help you to choose a new casino. A casino bonus can increase your possibilities of winning and promises you a greater return on your wins while making sure that you have enough deposit for a longer play.

Nevertheless, to find the best casino is not always easy. Not only do these bonuses vary in size, but their terms of use also play a significant role. You will come across a number of bonuses on our website that you cannot find anywhere else, so-called exclusive bonuses.

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Bonus Up To:
5000 $/£/€
Welcome bonus
100% deposit bonus for deposits 20-500 $/£/€ and 150% for 1000+ deposits
5.0 rating
Bonus Up To:
400 C$
+ 100 Free spins
100% up to 200 $/£/€ 50% up to 200 $/£/€
Exclusive 5 C$ for registration
Free spins wager free
5.0 rating
Bonus Up to:
275 $/£/€
or 272 Free Spins
Free spins wager free
5.0 rating
Bonus Up To:
300 $/£/€
100% up to C$100
50% up to C$200
4.8 rating
Bonus Up To:
500 C$
+ 200 Free spins
100% up to 500 $/£/€
5.0 rating
Bonus Up To:
1600 $/£/€
Welcome bonus
100% bonus four first deposits
5.0 rating
Bonus Up To:
480 $/£/€
+ 80 Free spins
First deposit from 1 C$
4.5 rating
Bonus Up To:
250 $/£/€
+ 150 Free spins
150 free spins min. 10$ deposit
100% deposit bonus up to 250 $/£/€
4.5 rating
Bonus Up To:
100 $/£/€
+ 700 Free spins
7 days straight Free spins and $/£/€ bonuses
4.5 rating
Bonus Up To:
475 $/£/€
+ 100 Free spins
First five deposits different % bonuses
4.5 rating


Before choosing the best casino, we review a number of things. The two most important criteria are the bonus received with the first deposit and the total bonus money. We also focus on low wagering requirements or player-friendly bonus terms.  You will find the best casino bonuses for 2020 below.

Canadian casino players prefer easy and clear rules and conditions for wagering. Apart from the casino bonus, another framework must also work. For instance, the Canadian language customer service, reliable online casino, and quick withdrawal are signs of a good casino.

The good casino bonuses also consist of a large bonus amount, yet, other terms of use must also be reasonable. The terms of use must be easy to comprehend and be understandable.

It depends on the personal taste whether casino bonus offers include free spins during the account registration or just leave the deposit bonus. This is an additional benefit for the players and hence, is closely equal to the bonus.  However, when we talk about casino bonuses, we are indirectly talking about deposit bonuses. Apart from the free spins, a player is sometimes rewarded with free play money that does not require a deposit at the time of account opening


Tough competition for the gaming industry and casinos is a benefit for many players. The bonus amount is growing and a number of new online casinos particularly are fascinating new players with low wagering requirements. The best you can get is the casino bonus for a maximum of five deposits.  Apart from that, you can also enjoy the casino with your loyalty programs for the entire time.  There are clear signs and instructions in terms of use.

For instance, you can drop the casino whenever you want and get away from all the wagering requirements even after activation. The forfeitable bonus here means that you can win a big prize immediately after depositing, and you can even choose to withdraw all of your winnings right away, and discard the money you have received. Casino bonuses like these are offered by Casumo, SlotsMillion, and Rizk Casino.  Another example of better bonus terms is the free spins, as you can now find them in most of the casinos with no requirements for wagering.

Even though the casino offers in 2020 may be better than ever before, you must always go through the terms of use thoroughly, prior to playing with the bonus money. This means that there will be no surprises for you while you play. Normally, the terms and conditions of bonuses are very comprehensive and in the worst case, it can result in denying the even winnings.


A casino bonus is known as the deposit amount which rises the percentage of the amount deposited by the player. Deposit bonuses have become very common in casinos and this is due to the aggressive competition in the gaming industry. Customers are easily turned off by those casinos that do not offer any bonuses.

The casino bonuses range from 50 to 100% usually. However, there are several online casinos that offer a 200% casino bonus to the players, and sometimes, even bigger bonuses. The percentage of bonus is calculated from the players’ deposit and they receive the bonus and play money deposit altogether.

For instance, a 100 % bonus may mean a double amount is deposited to your account, for example, you will receive an addition of C$50 on depositing C$50, which makes a total of C$100 of the play money.

In the same way, the 200%/ C$50 casino bonus means that you are given a bonus of C$200 if you deposit C$25 that is in the case of C$50. Your bankroll will show the total amount of C$74. Casinos like Rizk offer a 200% bonus to its players.


Casino bonuses can be split into two major groups

  1. Offers for the new players in the form of the welcome pack
  2. Former players are given casino bonus through VIP promotions or program


Every online casino offers casino bonuses to new players on their first deposit. It is very common for new players to get benefits on more than one deposit.

100% bonus up to C$100 has now become a common standard in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, the first deposit bonuses being higher than that offer is now becoming widespread.  In the best case, the bonus is paid to a maximum of 200%. Free spins are also offered on the top.

With the best casino, bonuses start from 200% and go at a maximum of several thousands of Canadian dollars. It is noteworthy to state that the higher the bonus money available, the higher will be the requirements for recycling


There are only a few casinos who do not have a welcome pack. The advantages for regular customers mainly consist of free spins and casino bonuses. Old players are offered benefits through VIP programs or weekly promotions.

For an old player, a regular online casino bonus can be 50%, with a bonus amount as high as C$50. Exceptions can be made for regular customers in the form of significant casino bonuses.  Big players usually receive high casino bonus and other offers through the VIP programs.

The cashback offer is often given to a number of players. A number of players do not consider this as an actual bonus, even though it really is. Cashback gives a certain amount of lost deposit to the player in the online casino, giving more value to the player’s money. Cashback is very common in casinos these days.


The new players can now get amazing casino bonuses. We have made the list of the latest list below where you can find the best casino bonus 2020


There are minor casino specific differences during the introduction of the bonuses, however, in general, proceeds from receipts are as follows

  • Account opening with casino
  • Select the most preferred bonus and enter the bonus code (if needed)
  • Make your first deposit and transfer your bonus to the account
  • Start playing with bonus money


Some casinos will require you to enter the bonus code to get the deposit bonus.  There are different reasons fort demanding a code, but you do not need to worry in any way. The casino may have several promotional offers going in, and you may get the bonus benefit once you enter the code.

Apart from that, a party that is outside the casino holds the right to make exclusive offers to the casino. All you need is a code to redeem such special benefits. A number of special bonuses can be availed through our site require bonus codes too.

Terms and conditions for casino bonus

Terms and conditions are included in every casino bonuses. Percentages of game returns have increased so much that specific terms of conditions are important for a casino to sustain. The conditions are applied to the following:

  • Requirements for wagering
  • Percentages of wagering for different group
  • The highest bet
  • The lowest deposit
  • Time constraints
  • Restricted games

The most widely applied condition is the requirement of rolling over the bonus in casino games. This means that players are required to pay a certain amount before they can withdraw their bonus winnings to their personal bank accounts, and not lose.

At the moment, the best casinos are wagered 15 to 40 times before winnings can be cashed out.  For instance, if you have deposited C$50 for which you are receiving a 100 percent bonus, with the wagering condition of 35x bonus, you will be required to play casino slot machines for C$1750.  Even though this may sound a bit too much, but as soon as recovery rates reach 98%, recycling becomes easy to do


You should carefully read the requirements for recycling. First, not every game is recycled in the same way. Usually, the slots are recycled completely. In simpler words, every dollar that is played in slots goes out of the recycling, but, it is possible that some slot games are entirely restricted in the casino bonus terms. If this is the case, then the game must not be played with bonus money. Sometimes, certain table’s games do not meet the recycling requirements, however, others may recycle at a lowered percentage.

Next, the attention must be given to how casinos are announcing their recycling requirements. The most vital element here is whether the casino bonus redemption requirement should be reported for bonus money and deposit, or only for bonus money. For instance, for a 100% bonus, there can be another casino who reports a wager of 25 times the bonus and the deposit, while another casino may announce that its 40x bonus which is a better condition for the player, as this has less recyclability.


A player must always check for the highest number of bets which is allowed in recycling. Sometimes, the casino sets the highest level between C$5 and C$7. The games played at a higher stake are not part of the recycling.

From the player’s perspective, the greater the casino bonus bet, the better it is. In such a case, the player decides to take more risks with the bonus money and focuses on big winnings


In order to redeem the deposit bonus, a player must deposit a certain minimum limit, which is not the same as the casino’s general minimum deposit. Mostly, this casino bonus can be redeemed for as low as 10 to 20 Canadian dollars.

Usually, there is a maximum amount for the casino bonus, over which, the bonus is not paid.  You can still deposit more than the amount that qualifies for a maximum bonus. However, you cannot get a bonus for the complete deposit


Players are given a time limit for playing the bonus money and meet the wagering requirements. The time limit may usually differ from a week or a month, depending on the casino and the time limit will lead to a loss of the bonus and the funds won. The time begins from the time when an initial deposit is made.

Nevertheless, the deadlines are enough, and the loss is not much likely. But, you should still be aware of it. 

Before you start playing, make sure you have gone through all the terms and conditions of the casino bonuses carefully


The biggest benefit of casino bonuses is that they increase your chances of winning. You can avail the benefit of the house shifted towards you at its best. If you double or triple your deposit today, you first increase your playing time, hence, increasing the likelihood of free games and big wins. Also, your return percentage and ordinary profits will increase.

The wagering requirements can lessen these requirements which prevent withdrawals. But, good recycling conditions have started to become common.  By winning the highest casino bonus with low wagering conditions, you can double your chances of winning

However, you should remember that secure and regular earnings from online casinos cannot be attained if there is to any offer and should be played at one’s own convenience.  However, there are some casinos that offer tools like Mr. Green